Updates & Prayer Requests

“Almost everyone believes that prayer is important. But there is a difference between believing that prayer is important and believing it is essential. ‘Essential’ means there are things that will not happen without prayer.” – Dee Duke

Article: 7 Ways to Pray for Missionaries

“Prayer is the mighty engine that is to move the missionary work.” – A.B. Simpson

Please pray for the Adam Leman family: Adam & Jenna and baby (May ’16), Mariela, Fernanda, Perla, Leo, and Mili

-for grace filled adjustments for all as their family changes, but especially for their other five kids. Please pray that Adam and Jenna can be sensitive to how having a new baby can make the other kids both excited and insecure, and that they would be able to both have conversations and to show love in ways that help resolve fears.

  • for Belinda (their assistant who also has other responsibilities), as she will probably be relied upon more in the next several months.  
  • that God would work in all their kids’ hearts, leading them to Himself and showing them His character and love for them.
  • that their family would be able to reach out to others to encourage and to share His love and power to save.
  • that both Adam and Jenna would be filled with the Spirit, abounding in thanksgiving and relying on His grace for daily life.

Prayer Requests for Nathan and Rachel Mueller, and their children Kaine, Halle, Layla and Daisy: 

They are seeking direction in a few areas…

  • Who should we partner with 
  • Where we should go in PNG
  • That we work hard and not grow weary in language study.  For joy!!!

Praise God for excellent relationships with both missionaries and PNG citizens!  Pray that each day God gives would be used for His fame in PNG!  Thank You for praying.

Prayers for Joel, Stephanie and their family: 

  • There have been border crossing issues with other families from CVE who have also adopted, so we want to make sure we have plenty of time crossing the border.  
  • Also, as many of you know, Marcos is living with us again!  He was finally able to come back last Thursday, and we have enjoyed having him around.  It is definitely a time where we are learning to be a complete family again… thanks for your prayers with this transition.  We have officially started his adoption here in MX, and are waiting for the judge to sign off on it.

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