AC Missionary Support Team

The Core Bluffton support team exists to do the following:

  • To keep the advocates accountable to communicate with the missionary.
  • Be available to advocates to offer ideas to better support the missionary.
  • Plan and lead quarterly meetings with the Core team and advocates.
  • Plan a “Missions Night” for the church with each missionary represented.
  • Organize communication venues for the sending church.


Missionary Advocates

Specific Missionary Advocates should be:

  1. Someone who believes in someone or something so strongly that he/she is actively involved in seld-sacrficial support.
  2. A partner joined at the heart; they come alongside the missionary and journey with them; they are part of the team actively communicating what is happening.
  3. Willing to acquaint himself (herself) with the cause so that he/she can passionately and effectively promote it.
  4. They not only know the “heartbeat” of the missionary, they share it.
  5. They know the cause so well that they can actively speak on the cause of the mission.

An advocate’s job description is as follows: 

  • Contact the missionary on a consistent basis and strengthen the relationship.
  • Keep the missionary informed of church happenings and prayer requests from home.
  • Become the “spokesperson” for the missionary by appropriately sharing needs and prayer requests to church members. (Be aware and sensitive to the information shared by the missionary and discern what should and should not be shared with others.)
  • Make contact with the missionary when they are home for furlough and talk about their expectations. (ex. Would they like to do a presentation to a small group? Would they enjoy one-on-one lunch dates? Would they like to spend time with family only?) Note: It is not the advocate’s job to set the missionary’s schedule, just be aware and sensitive to their comfort while they are home and know how to encourage others to get involved.
  • Attend quarterly meetings with other advocates in the church to encourage, pray and share.

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