Join us for Perspectives

post by Bob Honegger

What is Perspectives all about?  When I have been asked this question all, the simplest answer I can give is that it is all about His Glory.  From the first class “The Story of His Glory” I was completely compelled to continue the fifteen week class.  Each week built on the teaching that we were created to bring Him Glory.  It is all about Him and not about us.


For years I lived a life of “Cat Theology” (it’s all about me), but since Perspectives I now try to live a “Dog Theology” (it’s all about Him).  Jesus’ last teaching was to go and make disciples.  As He has more disciples He receives more Glory.  All of God’s children are to be involved in the disciple making processes.


Through the teachings of Perspectives, you will be exposed to the different areas of how you can be involved.  As missionary advocates, the Perspective class will reinforce the importance of the role you are serving in the ACC missionary lives. 


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The Perspectives Class will cost you.  The biggest sacrifice will be your time.  No matter your current life situation (parents with young children, people busy in the working arena as well as other ministries and all of you living an active Christian life).  When I took Perspectives, I thought that I had no free time.  With the reading and doing the work in the study guide, it took 5-6 hours a week.  But each week, the desire to learn more about how we can Glorify God made the sacrifice of time meaningless.  The highlight of my week was attending the Perspectives class and hearing a great speaker expounding on the material we had studied.  Most of the speakers have served on the mission field for many years.  Their personal testimonies and the stories of how God used them to impact His Kingdom were so powerful.


It is difficult to summarize what the Perspective Class is all about, but all I can say that it has greatly impacted my Biblical World view and how great a God we serve.



As the Core Team for Bluffton Missionary Advocates, we would strongly encourage you to consider taking Perspectives this Fall with us! 


Caylor-Nickel Foundation Family YMCA

August 27 – December 10, 2017

Sunday evenings, 6:15 – 9:15 pm

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The cost of the class is $275 for new students and includes 15 different incredible speakers from all over the country, a textbook and workbook. We are an entirely volunteer-based committee, so we’re keeping the costs as low as we can to make it easier for you! (See web link below for details.) We also have the class available for college credit, so homeschoolers and college kids might find this extra helpful!


Join us the first Night for FREE (August 27) to check out the class!

EARLY BIRD discount of $25 (if you register before August 1)

Couples Discount: $30


FREE babysitting is provided and we’d love to discuss what works best for your family (either bringing your child to the YMCA childcare center with our volunteers, or in-home babysitting.) We will do our best to work with you because we believe in young couples being able to take the class together. (Also, please let us know if you can think of anyone who would be interested in volunteering in childcare for the class! Some compensation is available for babysitters.)


To learn more, please go to: and feel free to email or call us with any questions you’ve got. We’d love to talk about this more with you. And please invite someone God lays on your heart to come with you!

Nick and Amber Steffen

Bob and Mary Honegger