Parent of Missionaries Day

by Amber Steffen & the Core Group

Early in February, we were blessed to host the first Parent of Missionaries Support Day in Bluffton. We know these parents face unique circumstances when their kids and grandkids are scattered around the world. These conditions create challenges that are often hard to communicate and our goal was to give them space to talk openly about their experiences. Here are some of their thoughts.


“The meeting felt like a missing link was put in place.”


It is powerful to see the body work together.  Weeping with those who weep and rejoicing with those who rejoice!  As I think back on the weekend, I love the love I saw in the parents.  Not once did I see criticism or condemnation, just love and empathy.  Even when they were not understood.  Wow!”


“It was encouraging and comforting to realize we are not alone in this journey.” 


The day was an emotional drain but it felt so good to feel what others feel. Some of us had an opportunity to share privately one on one as well. It too was so healthy.” 


Some of the most powerful group discussions were those happening after the formal talks were over.


“Don’t just DEAL with your kids’ reality…PARTICIPATE in it. 

Parents are ‘called to be missionary parents’ just as their children had a ‘calling’ to be a missionary. Sometimes this ‘calling’ looks more like ‘a willing submission,’ but this is still a role of significant spiritual responsibility.”



These mothers are gathered around a map with pinpoints showing where each of their kids are currently living across the world.


We enjoyed incredible teaching and personal testimonies from several parents of missionaries.


“I know that the things we learned this weekend will not be wasted and that God will be glorified through our lives. It feels as if the sacrifice of giving up time with our kids and grandkids truly does glorify Him. We are so encouraged.

As you advocate for your missionary families, consider what you can do for the family members still at home too! You never know what kind of powerful connections can be built by offering care to those at home who are themselves deeply affected by the missions process.

Remember to pray for the parents of your missionaries! 


3 thoughts on “Parent of Missionaries Day

  1. What a wonderful idea! The parents and grandparents make an incredible sacrifice too, just as the missionary does. I bet the parents were so encouraged and blessed! Thanks so much for hosting this weekend for them.

  2. As members of Hope Missionary Church Missions Committee, we thank you for this information. We heard such good things about it from Dave & Terri Mueller. What a fantastic service and support for missionary parents! Please continue to keep us posted with future events!

    Sharlene Honegger

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