Developing Relationship

from Joel and Erin Drayer

We have been advocates for the Maller’s for a little over a year now. We started pretty much at ground zero when it came to having any previous relationship. For the first 6 months, emails were sporadic and not very relevant or connecting for all involved. Joel and I had both never been to CVE, so it was hard to understand how things worked, how people worked together and even the atmosphere of the place. So we decided to schedule a visit last October. They were really excited to have us! Visiting Joe and Denise and their family at CVE was one of the best things that we have done as advocates! We established a relationship that we didn’t have previously.

Joel and Erin visiting Magdalena

Since then, I feel like we have improved in our ability to support Joe and Denise. Communication has been a lot more supportive. Emails are so much more connecting. Prayer requests are much easier for us to understand. I know more relevant questions to ask. There are still times when it goes awhile between emails. I try to send out an email once a week. Denise tries to update me, at least once a month for prayer requests. My goal is to let them know that we are still here, even if I haven’t heard from them since my last email.

Supporting them in prayer has been more consistent. It is easier for me to pray for them now that some relationship and understanding has been established. Being able to see different needs and ways to support them on and off the field has developed also. Knowing the kids and some of their interests, makes it so much easier to send birthday gifts. Also, knowing some of Joe and Denise’s situations here at home helps us ask the right questions about needs they may have when here visiting.

We still have a lot to learn about how we can support our missionary better. Visiting was a boost we needed to develop a relationship that can travel the miles. In the end though, it is our bond in Christ that keeps us together.

By His Grace!

Joel and Erin Drayer

Advocates for Joe and Denise Maller and Core Team Members

What has helped your team develop better relationships with your missionary? Have you visited your missionary? What little things do you do to try and keep up relationships since you’ve been there?

We’d love to hear your thoughts so we can learn from each other!