Looking Forward in 2015

As missionary advocates, you are one of the primary bridges between your missionary and our local church body. Advocate teams are vital to this work – both in supporting the family or individual on the field and connecting the church with the work and needs of that missionary. But it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Step by step, we’re hoping that this is an incredible blessing for you as advocate teams, the missionary you support, and our local church family.

Those of us on the Core Advocate Team are excited for the next year and what it will hold for this program! It’s our goal to lay out some key foundations, helpful resources and encouragement for each of you.

flower hands

In 2015, we hope to:

  • Meet with each of your advocate groups to talk through any questions or thoughts you have as you step into your advocacy roles. Be looking for one of us on the team to connect with you in the coming months to schedule that. We hope this proves to be a really helpful time, but in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact any one of us with questions.
  • Provide opportunities and resources for you to share with the church about your missionary’s work and/or felt needs (for prayer, as they visit home, or as they return).
  • Continue to work with missionaries that have recently returned to the U.S. God’s really blessing this, and we’re learning a lot about how to support better in the future. Please be prayerful for wisdom as we build some helpful tools for the future.

God’s certainly on the move, and we’re grateful and excited for what the future holds as we connect better as a church family globally. We’d love to hear from you – whether in emails, in the comments on this blog, or when you see us. It’s our goal that this platform could be a place to come for helpful conversation and resources, and that you’d be able to share ideas with each other.

Thanks for your support and important work for the Kingdom!

– The Core Team